Corporate Social Responsibility


CTP Printers wanted to develop a long-term partnership with a charity organisation. We wanted to get involved in a real and local way, and also help employees to get involved and make a difference. We asked employees to nominate charities that they believed could make difference in our community. One of our employees nominated Tehillah and once we met with its founder, Sister Magda Kleyn, we were sold.

Tehillah Community Collaborative is a registered non-profit organisation working in the Elsies River community, where a large number of our employees live. They are a 24-hour multi-purpose centre rendering holistic services towards socio-economic challenged situations. They provide an open door to those who fall victim to abuse and have a sound reference of effective and efficient service rendered for the last 15 years.

Tehillah Community Collaborative consists of four Clusters to ensure operational effectiveness. There are numerous developments and outreach programmes within each cluster

Social Development Cluster

  • There are +/-120 women, children, and elderly in the shelter who were either homeless or abused
  • Soup is provided to 700 – 800 people in the community, DAILY
  • There are +/-40 people in the drug addiction rehabilitation  program
  • They have a vegetable garden, on-site bakery, hair salon and coffee shop where the shelter and rehab residents work

Health Cluster

  • Tehillah trains community members as nurses (home based carers)and HIV counsellors/ carers
  • There are currently 20 home-based nurses caring for the frail in the community
  • There is a HIV+ support group that meets every monthly and hosts various events
  • There are 500 frail care recipients and 500 receiving HIV care
  • They also dispense Chronic medication to the community

Educational Cluster

  • Tehillah currently have 40 children in their Early Childhood Educational Programme
  • They provide crèche facilities for the community and those attending the rehab programme
  • They have a computer lab to provide IT skills to the community
  • They have arranged special registration pricing with UWC allowing teenagers to attend university

Arts And Culture Clustertehillah2

  • They run various awareness campaigns with schools
  • They have +/-75 youth in the Extreme Youth Programme  that meets every Thursday
  • They are actively involved in the community combating crime, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS awareness
  • They run educational/cultural programmes during school holidays to keep the school kids busy

During the first year in partnership with Tehillah, we have been able to help them with the 67 minutes food collection, purchasing of a washing machine and tumble drier for their laundry, the painting of the frail care rooms and delivery of goodie bags to the elderly.