Mission & Vision


CTP Printers are a highly professional Cape Town based independent publishing and printing solution, offering the very latest in printing technology to ensure your publication is produced to the highest quality in printed media.

Our print focus is the continual development of production teams who are able to complement our sales and marketing strategy by ensuring that our clients’ requirements are exceeded across five specialist products areas: books, diaries, magazines, commercial and newspapers.

We manufacture products of outstanding quality for our clients and continuously strive to be acknowledged both locally and internationally, as a reputable source and provider of high quality products in all our specialised fields.

fogra-memberThis is evidenced by our recent achievement as the first printer on the African continent to achieve the highly prestigious Fogra Press Standard Offset (PSO) certification.

Today, printing owes much of its evolution to the technological advances that have been made in the past ten years and in particular to the progress made in the digital arena which has been instrumental in transforming the print industry from an art to a science.

Consequently, investment in the latest technology, digital pre-press systems and collaborative on-line web enabled proofing solutions, printing and bindery equipment is a pre-requisite, in order to ensure that we are able to offer the most competitive and cost effective solutions to our clients.

As a member of the Caxton & CTP Publishers and Printers Limited group (www.caxton.co.za) we are part of a family whose philosophy of continual investment of profits into our print production facilities across the country has resulted in our position as one of the largest media and print groups in South Africa with the very latest plant and equipment available in the world today.

We are driven by the quest for excellence across all disciplines of publishing and printing, working with a team of committed, well trained and empowered employees.

We aim to provide products of outstanding quality to our clients and provide superior returns to our shareholders, whilst contributing to the growth of a democratic and prosperous South Africa.