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World Record!

CTP Printers Cape Town claims Make Ready World Record on the new manroland Lithoman web offset press. CTP’s team earned this record performing 96 make readies in 24 hours, changing 768 plates, producing 488 000 signatures printing 15 616 000 4 colour A4 pages. Check out the video here!...

New LITHOMAN for CTP Printers in Cape Town

CTP Printers, part of one of the largest media and print groups in South Africa, invests again in a press of manroland web systems CTP again invest in a LITHOMAN. The group stays more dynamic than ever before through updating their state of the art production facilities. With the new...


Credit: Courtesy YOTV and SABC1.


Dear all!

You will never know how grateful I am to you for your generous donation of 16 000 storybooks!

Thank you thank you!!

As you can see the kids were thrilled to receive copies!

If you click on this link you can see our launch on YoTV that should be going out tomorrow.

Please also note:

I have mentioned your donation on Smile FM and will on Otherwise on SAFM tomorrow!

Many thanks and best regards!

Patti McDonald

Times Media Education Consultant