Building Better Beings

17 June 2018 saw Ncumisa Baba marking her 10 year anniversary of employment with CTP Printers Cape Town. Now a Successful Client Service Representative, she reminisces about her journey with the company. This is her story:

Current Position:
Client Services Representative

When did you start working at CTP Printers?
17 June 2008

What was your job title when you first started working at CTP Printers?

What training have you completed in order to reach your career goals?
Short course in business management
Computer courses (Word, Excel and Outlook
Internal Training courses (CTP Printers): Pre Press, Repro plate making, accounts department.

How was this training funded?
Internal Training courses were fully funded by CTP Printers.
I funded the other short courses myself prior to coming to CTP Printers.

Why did you take part in the training?
While in the position of receptionist, I developed an interest in the production side of printing which later turned into a strong desire to acquire knowledge and build on the skills I already had. I felt that I was more capable of succeeding in a production control/CSR position if given the opportunity to try.

Who do you look up to at CTP Printers and why?
There are many people who have assisted, advised and encouraged me while helping shape my character throughout the years. More recently while in the magazine division I had phenomenal support from my team.

How have they helped you in achieving your career goals?
My CTP family have assisted me by showing me the ropes, being supportive and patient. They are also encouraging me to complete the NQF Level 4 Customer Services Management course which is challenging and forcing me to think outside of the box.

What was the greatest challenge in achieving your current position?
After the internal training programme had been developed, I found new spectrums of work that were incredibly challenging and I had to streamline certain aspects of my personality to ensure that I was successful. It was here that I learnt to speak up for myself. My current challenge is the NQF Level 4 Customer Services Management course.

What advice can you give to others who wish to progress at CTP Printers?
Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t let fear prevent you from asking for help and achieving your goals.

What quote or saying do you live by?
“If at all you don’t succeed, try and try again.”
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Invoice me and I learn.”

“Ncumisa is trustworthy, a hard worker, very enthusiastic, a team player, fun loving, caring, full of life, positive and a pleasure to work with and be friends with.” Lorna Louw, Client Service Manager 

“Building Better Beings was a slogan brought through by Caroline Sturgeon, who championed the development and training of others. I am inspired to continue this challenge as nothing is more rewarding than seeing an individual grow and reach their potential and the joy and motivation it brings to them.” Candice Rowe, HR Manager

CTP Printers Cape Town is committed to providing its staff with opportunities that promote growth within the company. It is for this reason we are committed to Building Better Beings.

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