CTP Printers Cape Town recently celebrated the graduation of 17 amazing young people who took part in the annual Foundational Learning Certificate (FLC) Programme.

In 2013 various stakeholders in the printing and packaging industry got together to start the development of a bridging programme. The aim of the programme was to increase the recruitment pool for apprenticeships and to build opportunities for candidates that did not qualify previously. This qualification also offers an opportunity to school leavers without matric exemption as well as early school leavers.

National Development Plan 2030

As part of a collective effort to increase long-term sustainable socio-economic development in South Africa, the National Development Plan 2030 identified the key element of: “a large number of work seekers who cannot enter the labour market because South Africa is classified as being in a low growth, middle-income trap”. Like many other developing countries and economies, South Africa is experiencing a “youth bulge”. This observation suggests that a large economically active population can contribute to falling poverty rates, though much depends on whether this population is activated.

Training Future Leaders

The 2018 CTP Printers FLC class concluded with a memorable graduation ceremony where all the graduates were celebrated for their hard work and dedication.

Learners who successfully complete the programme obtain an NQF 2 qualification which can assist them in looking for employment within the printing industry but also within other industries.

Generally upon completion of the theory side of the programme learners are then afforded a work experience opportunity either within our admin for factory environment for 3 months.

The top two graduates, Gershwin Eiman and Ethan Smith, along with other top achievers have been awarded the opportunity to gain tangible work experience with CTP Printers in various departments.

Now an Estimating trainee, 19-year-old Ethan Smith is thankful of the opportunity the programme afforded him. “It gave me a solid direction to move into a stable career”, Smith says. Gershwin Eiman (25), a top graduate, notes the impact the programme’s facilitators had on him. “I learnt a lot from the teachers, they taught me how to act and conduct myself in a proper manner in the workplace”, Eiman says.

Grant Moodie, Senior Estimator at CTP Printers Cape Town, is encouraged by the optimism and drive Ethan shows. “He has learnt a lot in the past couple of weeks, he asks questions and is very eager to learn.”, Moodie says. The graduates are put through real-world challenges related to estimating current jobs. The pool of graduates is always of a high calibre upon graduation, this was true in last year’s class. “2017’s team was very sharp and talented”, Moodie says. The 2018 class also did not disappoint. Ethan will get the opportunity to continue to develop his skills, “if all goes well in his training and internship, Ethan will be sent to enrol for an estimating course”, Moodie says.

As a major contributor to the manufacturing workforce, CTP Printers trains and equips young people with the foundational skills required to successfully navigate the employment realm. Most of the 2018 graduates are now trainees with various departments within the CTP Printers Cape Town family. CTP Printers is committed to developing young talent for years to come.

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